Tree CAre

Protecting trees from insects and diseases can be very complicated. It takes a great deal of education and experience to correctly identify and prescribe the correct treatment. We take pride in keeping ISA Certified Arborists on staff, along with a fully trained and educated crew.



Tree pruning is an art. When performed incorrectly it can leave your landscape looking horrible and leave your trees in bad health. Tree Mechanics trains our pruning crews under Anzi Z133 and A300 pruning standards. We focus on the health of the tree first, while the look and curb appeal of the tree is at a close second. Proper tree pruning increases the tree's vascular flow, helping pull more nutrients, minerals, and water into the crown or canopy. Pruning also helps create proper structure of a tree in our climate, where wind and heavy snows present a threat to your trees, plants and landscapes. Proper pruning increases property value up to 25%.

Our certified arborists will come up with a custom plan for your landscape at the time of consultation. Some of our focus points will include house and building clearance, powerline clearance, street and sidewalk clearance and vista pruning for landscape views. Those plans will then be emailed to you with a detailed description within each service and suggested line items. You’ll be pleased with our seamless and stress free approach to your project.

Why Prune Trees?



The most important reason to prune your trees is for safety. In an urban landscape, there are people, vehicles, and structures that can be injured or damaged by self-pruning or hazardous trees. This type of pruning is usually called deadwood or safety pruning. Preventative pruning also lessens the potential for storm damage.



Tree canopies need proper sunlight and air circulation to thrive. This is often called a complete prune, and it includes removing deadwood and pruning for form as well as safety and aesthetics. With proper pruning, plant health care problems can be solved to help reduce disease or insect infestation. A sanitation prune can remove infected branches without spreading the disease to the rest of the tree.



The third reason to prune trees is for their aesthetic qualities. Young trees can be trained to grow in a desired form. This is called structure pruning. Proper pruning can solve clearance issues for walkways or buildings or even for a better view. This is called either clearance pruning or vista pruning.

Money Bag


It can seem overwhelming to have a list of tree work that needs to be done on your property. Not to worry! We will work with your budget and help you prioritize your tree work and come up with a plan. Proper maintenance of your trees will increase your property value and will ensure that your trees stay beautiful and healthy for generations to come.



The dormant season is the best time to prune. However, pruning can occur year round, with the growing season being the least ideal. Some species should not be pruned out of the dormant season, such as elms & fruit trees or trees susceptible to fireblight. A certified arborist is the best resource to determine this.



Not all trees need to be removed due to weakness. We are able to cable and brace trees to improve structural integrity of trees.


Tree Removals

Tree removal may come about within your landscape for numerous reasons. These may include storm damage, insect or disease damage that is past the point of treating, or a tree being planted in the wrong place long ago. Whatever the reason may be, Tree Mechanics has a team of highly trained professionals that can achieve any removal, in any location.

Tree Mechanics number one goal is safety for both the homeowner and the removal team on site. Depending on the location of your tree removal, our team will utilize our top of the line equipment to make the job as efficient, quick and safe as possible. From our crane, to our whole tree chippers, to our lawn friendly loaders, our removal and clean up process will leave you 100% satisfied!

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

When it comes to removing a stump within your landscape, Tree Mechanics utilizes lawn friendly stump grinders to achieve this task. Stump grinding is a way to remove stumps and manicured landscapes with minimal impact.

Once our stump grinding crews have completed the removal, we will then clean up and haul away all debris to be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. We offer topsoil and seeding at an additional cost from the stump grinding. One of our certified arborists will speak with you about this at the time of our consult.