Lawn Health Care

A healthy, green lawn is essential for a good looking landscape. A lawn health care program from Tree Mechanics LLC is where it starts. Our knowledgeable and certified staff will custom build a lawn health care program to fit you and your properties needs.

Lawn Care Programs




Our organic lawn programs are for commercial and residential customers who are looking to have a lush green lawn, without the added synthetic materials. This program DOES NOT have a weed control program included. We custom fit your properties needs with a program for the spring, summer, fall and pre-winter seasons. We ensure a healthy, lush green lawn, all while helping to better our environment.


Hybrid Program

Our hybrid lawn program are for commercial and residential customers looking for a low maintenance solution for a green landscape. We custom blend a low environmental impact product to fit your properties needs. Our slow release products ensure a healthy, green, weed free lawn for the spring, summer and fall seasons, making your landscape look its absolute best.

No Bugs


“A good offense starts with a good defense.” Insects and diseases only attack grasses, plants and soil when those organisms are unable to fend off the pathogens. The best way to keep insects and disease from attacking your lawn and landscape is to keep the over all health up. When the problem needs treatment, our knowledgable and certified commercial applicators have you covered.

Green Energy


Lawn aeration is critical for a healthy landscape. When core aeration is performed, we are helping the soil and roots receive the needed water, nutrients and air in order for the lawn to flourish. Aeration is best performed once a year in the spring, to help rid the thatch build up prior to the growing season. However if the compaction of soil is noticeable, a follow up fall treatment may be needed. Contact our staff today to set up a thorough consultation.